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Top Hollywood Celebs who Got Toned by Yoga

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Celebrities have to do a lot to keep their physique in shape. From hitting the gym to cardio these celebs end up with yoga to show off their flexibility on Instagram. With all over, these talented buddies do find some time from their busy schedule to hop on their yoga mat to try the yoga poses...

Candice Swanepoel is performing shirshasana

1. Candice Swanepoel

The well-known Victoria's Secret model and actor, Candice Swanepoel is worth being followed on Instagram for her fine Yoga poses. Candice practices Yoga thrice a week along with her gymming and cardio workouts. She deliberately follows Yoga as a part of her morning routine as the model likes to maintain a healthy weight and mental health. The yoga Candice performing is Shirsasana.

Sirsasana or Headstand is considered the king of all the yoga poses. The pose involves the performer balancing himself on his head. Performing Shirshasana on the regular basis strengthens the muscles of the neck, shoulders, arms, and spine. The pose also relieves the headache along with overcoming problems related to the kidney, liver, intestines and reproductive system.

Candice's fine moves show how effortlessly she can perform the headstand!

Beyonce doing ustrasana.

2. Beyonce

There is nothing that Beyonce can't do! Queen Bey can slay in any yoga poses, from headstand to this amazing backend. For Beyonce, yoga is her quick rescue if she misses her gym. She chose to do some mandatory yogasanas to keep herself fit. Beyonce curvy yet flexible body is showing how well she can perform Ustrasana!

Ustrasana or backward bend is considered a therapeutical pose as this pose triggers problems related to the neck, shoulder, hamstrings and spine. Also, known as camel pose, this helps to increase the capacity of lungs, improves the functions of the respiratory system, and also overall posture. Now we got the secret of Beyonce flawless body...

Karlie Kloss is performing cobra pose.

3. Karlie Kloss

Model Karlie Kloss's early morning starts with great fitness. Her added yoga routine gives her the needed flexibility to her body. Kloss always keep her fans updated with her fine fitness regime. Kloss is known to practice a diverse set of workouts but never skips her Yoga routine. Karlie is seen praising the Suryanamaskar and Bhujangasana.

Cobra pose or Bhujangasana is the beginner level pose that relieves neck pain, backache, and spine issues. The cobra pose tones up the abdomen, reduce fatigue and stress, strengthens the entire body along with improving overall flexibility. Kloss's body is the sole proof to make us understand the importance of fine yoga.

Work-life needs to be balanced and so the stress. Yoga brings together the flow of physical and mental health and strives to achieve the needed body goals. Many celebs are at the high time to advocate the benefits of yoga by performing the asanas themselves. Although, we arent any celebrities who are stressed out to the core from our work lifestyle. However, every beginning starts with a dedication and we are on board to grab that dedication with our Yog4Lyf!

Dealing with health issues? here's our customised Yog4Lyf app built for your wellness. Get inspired by the Hollywood celebs and start your fitness with Yoga!

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