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The Yoga App Made For EVERYONE.





This series is specially made to help you trim down the extra blob from your face and get that sharp glow you've been looking for. Consisting of easy yoga poses and short duration makes it the best for a quick touch-up 



This series is specially made around yoga poses and yoga sequences which will turn the heat up in your body, helping you burn all the excessive weight you've been carrying around.



As the name says, in this yoga series we have added easy & gentle yoga poses to massage your thyroid glands to make you feel more energized and healthy from the inside. 



 This series of yoga practices are specially made for the senior members of the society in a therupatic way to massage the muscles of the body, helping them promote a healthier lifestyle.



This series is made specially made to tackle modern day to day stress & Anxiety. Practice these Yoga Nidra sessions, highly effective to help you calm down and release negative thoughts. 

Yog4Lyf is a free yoga app that will stay by your side at your fingertips, helping you with easy to follow along yoga practices made for EVERYONE.


Each course comprises of different classes for different days, allowing the user to practice a variety of asana throughout the course.


Virendra Rao

Good app for yoga for all the age groups. I am really enjoying yoga for beginners sessions.

Sikandra Sharma

I've made my parents practice the chair yoga series and they've been feeling much better now.

Raghvendra mehrotra

Great yoga app for beginners. My mom uses this for back pain and I am using for weight loss. Thanks.



Arsh Rai

Arsh developed a keen interest in yoga from an early stage of life and has been practicing it since then. As time progressed he decided to give yoga his body, mind, and soul by pursuing it as a career.

Qualifications: 2 Years P.G. Diploma Yoga Edu. from Banaras Hindu University 

1 Year Diploma Yoga Edu. From B.H.U.

4 Months Yoga Certificate From B.H.U.

4 Week Yoga Certificate From B.H.U.

Geetika Saxena

Geetika strongly believes that yoga is meant for everyone and the benefits it shares should be put to good use. SInce then there's no stopping her.

Qualifications: YCB Level 3 From Ministry of Ayush and Govt.

900 hours Yoga Certificate From The Yoga Institue Mumbai

200 Hours Yoga Certificate From Kewaldham, Lonawala

2 months of 48 hours Intense Certified Pranayam Course

Rahul Singh

Rahul being a resident of Varanasi has been practicing yoga from a very early age and as time progressed he decided to give his heart and soul into the practice and started moving forward in his life as a professional yoga expert. 

Qualifications: 1 Year P.G. Diploma Yoga Edu. from UPRTOU, Prayagraj

200 hours TTC from Patanjali University, Haridwar

200 hours TTC from Santhi Yoga International


Your guide to health and happiness. Learn to attain blissful state of body, mind and soul using the ancient knowledge of Yoga. 

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